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a dl. if they don't rely on those rates, wwill go over the cliff and will be their f fall. >> nina? >> everybody can see the outlines of the deal. the numbers are thehere. the reason that president obama won't, i think just be totally recalcitrant about this is if we get this deal done, according to a number of f top financial people i talked to this week the economy is likely to take off and save a l of grief and make everybody feel a lot better. congre will benefit from that as well as the president. that is why he needs to get it done. >> in the senate, who is likely to move on this? olympia snowe? lugar? scott brown? >> you have identified some of the usual sususpects. the problemsproblem republicans have iss this -- you have people like scott brown in massachusetts, linda lingle in hawaii heather wilson in new mexico who were good statewide candidates with good credentials who lost for one reason -- they had "r" next to their name. it did not hurt heidi heidkamp or jon tester. this is an albatross for the republicans to deal with. the president knows he has the advantage, and
to make the final product unreachable. >> nina, there were a bunch of c.l.'s in town saying please do something so we can plan for our future. >> the difference between this and the battle over raising the debt level before is that republicans, i think, actually want to figure out a way out of this. they will get blamed and they don't want to get blamed. there was an election on this and a loss. -- and they lost. i don't pay much attention to what they are saying right now. whenever they are saying for public consumption is for public consumption. what matters is that everybody gets behind doors and to negotiate. >> i paid attention to what charles krauthammer said on fox, i think i heard you say the other night it that the cliff is the only leverage the republicans have. >> not really the only leverage. both sides are invulnerable. but i disagree with my colleagues that it is pox on both houses. right after election day, the speaker of the house offers a peace pipe, saying i'm willing to raise revenues. it is a break in what republicans have held to for several decades. the response
to thank nina for doing a great job of setting the stage so i don't have to go through and do the same thing. so great job. i do not in these slides, any pictures, i will only speak briefly. lewis asked me to come and speak on this last day of the fleet week discussions because he thought that my experiences with the afghan police might shed some light on the current news, the troubling news out there of all the attacks on our uniformed personnel by uniformed afghans and it's only been pretty recent in the news that the increases happened so he thought i might be able to add some background information on that. for about 6 months i was the senior advisor to the chief of police for kabul city police department in the capitol. back at the end of 2009-2010, we real laiz that we probably spent a great deal of money and effort on trying to transform the afghan army and we probably neglected the police force. and the reason that realization was so important was because the police in afghanistan are not what we consider traditional police. there's a number of police officers in the audienc
" with us. nina easton from quot fortune" magazine and of course, sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. get to the fiscal cliff in a second. but first, the job report this morning, 7.7% unemployment because so many people left the workforce. 146,000 jobs. the question a lot of people are asking is when are we going get back to good honest job creation to grow the economy? what is it going to take? >> political will in a word. what is interesting about the jobs numbers and the economy in general is that it's not so much the fundamentals of the economy. businesses who hire people who create jobs which nancy pelosi is looking for are looking for political will out of washington. they are looking for certainty on the fiscal cliff. certainty that debt reduction, there will be debt reduction, that entitlements will be brought under control. looking for certainty on taxe taxes. until this happens, there isn't going to be that certainly. i have to say that the republicans showed the political will. they stood up, to the conservative base. they put the re-knews on the table. what troubles me --
, something we talked about, hollywood, video games and other aspects to what nina talks about, the broad, perhaps, commission approach to a bigger problem. >> yeah, i think if you -- if you -- you know, basically there's going to be this broad national discussion, i hope it's broader rather than more narrow, but what struck me from the words from robbie parker yesterday as he remembered his daughter who died in the shooting was that he took the time to remember and think about the family of the shooter, which i just found, you know, as a of a seven-year-old, five-year-old and a two-year-old, to see him take that time in that moment as he's taking and remembering his own daughter and remember the family of the shooter and say, i'm not mad, i forgive them, i'm thinking about them at this time was just an incredibly powerful moment, and makes him, i think, a very strong man. >> and i think that's a remarkable example of grace in the world that a father would think of that. if i could say one word about the policy, i think the national commission is the way to go to take it out of the moment
struggles. >> nbc latino entertainment reporter nina terrero is here to give us perspective. thanks for joining us, nina. >> thank you both. >> tell us about jenni rivera's background and the work that earned her so many awards and so many scores of fans here in the u.s. and mexico and beyond. >> jenni rivera was called the diana of mexican norteno music. she made it known with eischen serb she po about heartache, loss and loves. it made her extremely popular here in the united states and in mexico. you know, she grew up in an iconic members cass families think of the osmonds. she took that legacy and made it her own and won millions of fans. >>> nina, you talk about her troubles. jenni rivera made no trouble in her personal life made no secret of that. she had a divorce from a baseball player who had a brief stint here in washington. >> unfortunately jenni was no stranger to heartache. she had three failed marriages, most recent of which with esteban who she had married in 2010. he was supposed to be the love of her life after she had gone through domestic abuse, and her second hus
in the rape and murder of a 30-year-old prostitute named nina glover. did anyone ask you "terrill swift, did you murder this woman?" >> swift: that was the first thing they said. whoa. "raped and beat who? nina, i don't know nina glover. can i get my mother in here so i can get a lawyer?" and nothing. >> pitts: terrill voluntarily turned himself in to police and was placed in an interrogation room, surrounded by several detectives. the questioning, he said, lasted for over 12 hours. how close were they? show me, physically, how close were they? >> swift: like, right here. "you're going to die in jail. you're never going home." >> pitts: yelling at you? >> swift: yelling at me. >> pitts: were you scared? did you cry? >> swift: absolutely, i was crying, but no one listened. >> pitts: terrill wanted to go home, and says police told him if he admitted to the rape and murder, he could leave. so he signed a 21-page confession which gave specific details to how he and his co- defendants committed the crime. i got to tell you, the first time i read it, all 21 pages, i said, "that man is guilty." >>
zellany of the "new york times." nina easton of fortune magazine and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. north korea conducted four multiple stage missile tests before and all four failed. nina how significant that the regime successfully launched long range missile. how much more of a threat does it make north korea >> tremendous threat. you think about, exactly almost ten years ago that george w. bush declared north korea part of the axis of evil. since then they have been steadily progressing in fairness under both administration toward having a nuclear capability that threaten even the shore of the united states. so now we have a rocket, that can launch a satellite, lon long-term. across okinawa to water of the philippines. not a big step from that to go to a long range missile with a nuclear warhead on it. that is clearly where they are heading. a big channel right now for u.n. ambassador susan rice in particular. but also president obama. because the action will be at the u.n. are you going to get tougher sanctions? iran has tougher sanctions on it now than does north
for the political class. doug schoen, nina easton, and michael ramirez. all coming up next. man: we are rolling. all right, mama's gonna bring it home, mama's gonna bring it home. oh, no! man: oh, mom! aah! announcer: challenge your kids to be active and eat healthy. all right, let's see what you can do. let's go. announcer: search "we can" for ideas on how to get healthy together. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. lou: joining us now it the a-team. political analyst doug schoan. and michael ramirez, a new title? we'll talk with michael about, that "fortune" magazine columnist nina easton. let's start with, i don't know if you saw my discussion with dr. saltz but we're talking about mental illness, in this country as if we're in the middle ages, am i wrong? >> yes, you have to go back really i think the aclu on this question, and big problem in my mind and a lot of people's min
." nina easton, from "fortune" magazine. and charles krauthammer. sindcated columnist. nina, start with you. your husband was on the romney team. >> my interpretation is mitt romney didn't need to run for president after everything he has done in his life. saving the economics and making the money he has done, he made. being governor of massachusetts. more he didn't need to. but i would say that romney didn't underestimate how hard this was going to be. you had a crowded primary field going in to it first of all. he lost in the primary in 2008. when you get to general election, people forget how hard is it to unseat incumbent. 14 of the last 16 attempts failed. lep they succeeded, why have they succeeded in the incumbent president had to go through a primary. go to 1980 when reagan reag won. jimmy carter had a bad economy, but he had a primary channel from very elquent and charismatic ted kennedy. flash forward to 1992. george h.w. bush unseated by clinton with 42% of the vote but ross perot was in there. but h.w. bush faced a primary channel from buchanan -- challenge from b bucha
today here is up 7%. why is that? well, nina garcia, call it the nina garcia bongs. basically, nina garcia, a fashionista, involved with elm is a judge on "project runway" posted links from -- on her website to jcpenney, and the concept how they will have stores within the store so this is all their new way to get people to come in, and they are actually doing a few promotional items as well. they wanted to get out of that and phase out so it's a winner. 7% today. that's good. liz: just nearly cut losses in half, markets coming back it looks like, down 61 points after being down more than 90. this is moving on the rioters wire, and republican speaker of the house, john boehner meeting with president obama at the white house today. okay? at 3:30 eastern, not a lot of hours left and daylight here, but getting together according to a white house official. we'll see if the markets make a better comeback at the moment. well off lows, same with the s&p and nasdaq, a tough day for most of this. okay, 5 p.m., now we have the number, the time, 5 p.m., john boehner going to the white house fo
precipitaciones, míninas entre 38 hasta 42, el míercoles habran mínimas que llegaran a los 50. >> vivíana paez nos acompaña con otro santo remedio, en este caso de tratamientos para cabellos dañados. >> las mujeres , que usamosw quimicos nos salen puntitas abiertas por falta de nutrición , abrirlas por la mítad es lo peor, la recomendación es cortarlo. >> unas sugerencias , es usar el secador no cerca del cabello. >> se puede usar mantequilla o aceite de oliva, la colocaf en las puntas abiertas y después de aplicarla se toma la toalla de baño la va a sumergir en agua tibia y se la va a poner en la cabellera y así nuestra receta casera penetra en nuestros cabellos por unos mínutos. >> escribanos por sus preguntas, espero les sirva está receta en otro santo remedio. >> porque el condado de san mateo quieren que tomen una decisión más conciente3 a la hora de envolver los regalos. >> detalles al otro lado de la pausa , vamos en un flash. podria ser una cronica anunciada , muchos le apostaban a marquez . >> william bonilla con acción deportiva. >> buenas noches bienvbenidos , se realizo cu
vidrio, tengo ninas pequenas ya no compro de plastico para adornar un poquito el arbolito y no corren los riesgos" si compra un arbol natural, asegurese que sea fresco y mantengalo prefiere un arbol artificialta mbien tome sus precaciones... "si van a comprar un arbol artificial, asegurese que tenga la etiqueta que diga fire resistant, resistente al fuego. recuerden esto no significa que el arbol no se va a encender en llamas, sino que simple y sencillamente va a tardar en encenderse" las velas aunque son las favoritas en estas fiestas... podrian ser peligrosas...74 personas murieron a causa de incendios relacionados con velas entre el 2008 y el 2010... "siempre apague las velas antes de dormir o cuando abandone una habitacion o su casa...porque podria causar un grave accidente.." tambien revise las luces de navidad para detectar cualquier desperfecto... esta madre de familia quiere evitar una tragedia.. "algunas veces, si se le da una revisadita y siempre se busca otra por cualquier cosa, si se llega a apagar una, ya tenemos el reemplazo para ponerla" nadie esta libre de u
hospital de viÑa del mar, la primera intervencion que se realiza fuera de la capital... las ninas estan estables en la unidad de cuidados intensivos. .. al regresar en nuestro segmento de salud, los expertos advierten sobre el peligro del uso de joyas magneticas en la lengua.. ..vamos ahora con felix debedut y un adelanto informativo de la edicion nocturna del noticiero univision... tenemos una advertencia de salud, esta vez tiene que ver con los peligros de las joyas magne Éticas que usualmente los adolescentes usan en la lengua.. la advertencia surge despuÉs que varios jÓvenes accidentalmente se han tragado los imanes, provocÁndose una perforaciÓn gÁstrica que podria ser mortal...el uso de joyas con imanes que, colocadas en la lengua, dan la apariencia de ser un piercing, pero sin la perforaciÓn... autoridades de salud recomiendan tomar las precauciones necesarias... pasamos ahora con oscar burgos y el adelanto deportivo.. buenas noches para todos y bienvenidos al resumen del futbol profesional con nuevos campeones en americana latina y lo inicamos en hoduras, con olimpia que s
taxes? we are talking with nina olson and a few minutes. and later sarah kliff. today our focus is a huge part of the debate over entitlement programs and with the federal government is now spending. olympia snowe announcing she is stepping down and delivering her farewell address to colleagues in the senate. her husband is also the former governor of maine. they talked about what she is leaving behind what the recommendation is for the future. [video clip] >> 55 leaders converged on the city of philadelphia to draft a new government to strengthen the country. these were no shrinking violets, the had risked their lives and fortunes to establish a new nation with liberty. there were unabashedly opinionated. they disagreed and argued about a great many manners both petty and consequential. thomas jefferson considered a virginia not part of the united states. by september of that year, 39 of the original delegates signed the most ingenious government document the world has ever known. it did not happen because 55 people who shared identical the points and gathered in a room. it hap
the death of their second daughter, nina. skinner married again to a woman named sarah elizabeth allen, she was known as lizzie, and she is the woman after whom i am named. my full name is sarah skinner kilborne. and one would think with william skinner being my great, great grandfather i'm named after his wife, and that i would have grown up hearing about william skinner, the founder, and his story during the flood. i did not. that story seemed to have gotten lost in the legacy of the company. the company overshadowed its founder in the end. but i did -- well, and i should also add that there were only two things i knew about william skinner, and it shows how vague an impression i had of him. one was that i just barely knew that he was english, and the other is that i could only remember, only knew of one expression that he had which was very austere. remember, you are william skinner's descendants. do good in the world. that's all i knew of him. but i did grow up hearing about another member of the family. this is belle skinner. she was his second youngest daughter. and i was fascinated w
of identical twin girls, zoe and nina. we knew it was time to come home. so, in early 2008 we were fortunate enough to find a house that at the time suited our needs perfectly in noe valley, just a wonderful neighborhood that we love. but over the past 4-1/2 years that we have lived there, we've been thinking about how our needs are going to change as the girls get older. and we framed our discussion this way. will this house suit us for another 20 years or more? and will it continue to suit us if we decide to have another child? and we realized that as much as we love this house that our changing needs might cause us to outgrow it. with some modest changes it could be a comfortable cozy home for years to come. the specific examples i want to bring up are if we were to have another child, then we would have to put both twins in this bedroom back here so that we can have all the kids on the same floor as the master bedroom. but these -- this is a very small room, particularly for two children. and, so, we want to add 125 square feet to the second floor. similarly, once the girls get older, th
. they travel everywhere. my grandmother, merced, nina played the piano and read poems, while edward read the poems besides playing the fiddle and violin, behaved like an avant garde composer, moving around furniture. according to the journalist were a dynamic duo that rescued the famous hotel sevilla from dereliction in 1919. they also constructed the biltmore neighborhood where many irish american families have homes. when i said irish americans, i go back to the americas, irish-spanish americans and french-irish, et cetera, and my own family live there. other famous irish american personalities at the time were, for example, in the news world the e. f. obrian, the editor of the times of cuba and in the cuban roman catholic church, father moynihan, no relationship to my grandmother, loved for his kindness and great sense of humor. born in the 20's in havana were of irish descent. they were fran emilio. he was entirely blind by the age of 13 but learned gerschwin's rhapsody in blue by using braille scores. he was also one of the major instrumentalists of the feeling -- many of you recol
into the policing, something that was unheard of only a few years ago. nina talked about the teachers but there was women who wanted to be police officers, there was women who had death threats against them from their own families and were actually serving as police officers in hiding because they wanted to do something that was important. so that was, to me that was a huge success story. but i think what we need to do is reset our vetting process, put more bio metrics in and ensure that we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the afghans as they try to build and then we teach the afghans to help themselves. and i think that's where we're going to see our success down the road. thank you. (applause). >> thank you, barry, now it's lieutenant commander serrano and captain napalitano >> good morning, everyone, i'm pleased to be here today to tell you about an exercise we conducted this past summer in hawaii as part of rim of pacific exercise which involved 22 participating nations and this offered us a venue to be able to conduct a humanitarian and disaster relief exercise with all
kind of inchoate fashion. >> nina, welcome back to groundhog day. are we headed towards armageddon? >> probably not are getting, because charles is right, they have such a weekend. in the end there will have to be a compromise. i think that deadlines make people focus the mind. boehner has told people not to plan anything in that week before christmas and new year's, and i sort of expect there will be a movement. >> mark, could you give us. on the politics? >> i will. let me the discordant note. the republicans, as my colleagues point out, absolutely have a terrible hand. 30% favorable, 45% unfavorable. when asked to say a single word or phrase about either party, 65% give a negative word about republicans -- small, petty, and hencintransigent, whatever. the hand is weak. here is the problem for the administration -- if they come out with the victory and take a victory lap and to an end zone dance and rub it in, it is going to do and the chances of doing anything for the next two to four years. i think republicans have now accepted that the rates are going to go up. john boehner h
ninas dandoles ese carino ese amor que ellas se merecen siempre hay que buscar una salida y hasta los representant es de dios en la tierra, esperan que esa salida la muestre no solo un ser supremo, sino la propia mano del hombre. y la salida yo creo que es buscar la manera de que en el congreso se hagan nuevas leyes con fuerza y con penalidades para restringir la venta de armas de ejercito otra de las reflexiones del arzobispo es que esto nos ensena a vivir cada dia, de una manera importante, con cesar ---primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48 pero al volver, take vo ---un joven latino que enfrenta la deportacion lucha por quedarse en estados unidos take vo - blanca ---y enterese quien fue elegida la mujer mas bella del universo.. ya volvemos. segment ends hoy un incendio de 2 alarmas en un hogar de la avenida "lyndale", en el este de la ciudad. ---el siniestro comenzo alrededor de las 4 de la tarde y una anciana que se encontraba dentro de la vivienda fue atendida en el lugar de los hechos por inhalacion de humo. ---2 perros y un gato murieron en el incendio. ---las llamas comenzaro
the brunt. >> reporter: nina runs a salon, and she says it means good food but mostly for dinner. >> i would never want to turn down business as a merchant. but it has turned into a nighttime destination, so it's providing less and les for the people that live in the neighborhood. >> reporter: not much going on during the day. of the neighborhood association has asked the city to slap a 1-year moratorium on new restaurants between 16th and 24th. >> they should let the market determine what's here. >> reporter: so says the other side. >> can you have too many restaurants in an area? >> the people who eat in the restaurants will determine that. >> reporter: does every neighborhood need a drug store? barber shop? >> when i want a screwdriver, i'd probably go next door to luna park. >> reporter: when you're in a neighborhood with that many bars and restaurants, the first screwdriver you think of is a vodka and orange juice! so will this place someday be a restaurant? that'll be up to the san francisco board of supervisors. they have ultimate say. >>> how much rain are you going to get this weeke
and afghanistan. >> nina, you get the last word. merry christmas. see you next week. steves: the dramatic rock of cashel is one of ireland's most evocative sites. this was the seat of ancient irish kings for seven centuries. st. patrick baptized king aengus here in about 450 a.d. in around 1100, an irish king gave cashel to the church, and it grew to become the ecclesiastical capital of all ireland. 800 years ago, this monastic community was just a chapel and a round tower standing high on this bluff.
of the american people were on iraq and afghanistan. >> nina, you get the last word. merry christmas. see you next week. >>> from washington the mclaughlin group. the american original. for over three decades the sharpest minds,
and afghanistan. >> nina, you get the last word. merry christmas. see you next week.
. >> reporter: in atlanta, cindy pitts and nina are trying to collect enough teddy bears for all the children in sandy hook elementary school. >> it's been accumulating, the support from all over the community. friends from everywhere. >> reporter: at success tech academy in cleveland, teachers put up a wall of kindness. students have been adding to it so fast it's almost full. >> we were able to reach our 26 acts within the first day the wall was posted. >> reporter: the movement is now spreading overseas. russia, south africa and finland. people embracing the idea that the spirit of those lost at sandy hook elementary endures, and that some good can come out of something even this bad. >> that was nbc's ann curry. i'm a huge fan of the concept of paying it forward, not just for newtown and just honoring them. it's easy. whoever is behind you in the coffee line, pay for their lunch. it will make you feel a lot better, too. >>> still ahead, why are you awake? your tweets, texts and e-mails are next. "morning joe" moments away. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon
, everyone. >> happy new year to you, and the neck gets the last word -- nina gets the last word. thanks. we will see you next year. for a transcript of this broadcast, log onto >> "inside washington" is brought to you in part by the american federation of government employees, proud to make america work. for more information about afge and membership, visit
. basically, he ended up where most of the american people were about iraq and afghanistan. >> nina, you get the last word. merry christmas. see you next week.
una donacion, quizas es algo que usted tambien quisiera hacer por otros.. 7:14 esta nina me ha cambiado la vida, de la mujer yo soy ahora es por ella. y aunque tiene siete hijos mas, de la pequena maria isabel todos han aprendido 7:29 como ella siempre lucho para vivir porque en en realidad cuando uno tiene una enfermedad que uno tiene que luchar cada dia para respirar para mi yo como mama me siento muy orgullosa de mi hija de que ella nunca reclamo porque esto me paso 7:55 8:00 supo como vivir con esto 24:26 y ahora que para ella no va a ser un problema correr, nos dijo que piensa ponerse a practicar futbol asi como lo hace uno de sus hermanos, asi que felicidades para ella....con esto me despido..... blanca ---ahora veamos como pinta el pronostico para los proximos dias cesar ---con ariel rodriguez.. adelante ariel.. take pkg blanca ---nueva pausa pero antes, un --- angel ayllon, en vivo desde el san jose city college, nos amplia la informacion. take angel live stop open
to embrace entrepreneurship and allows people to achieve the american dream. >> nina is a success story. she employs 4,000 people and as a child she immigrated to the u.s. from eck qua dore. >> impact the latinos have in this country is indisputable. >> political front, the la toy know republicans are calling -- latino republicans are calling for outreach with obama's overwhelming victory among hispanic voters. >> the republicans need to remain a party that supports securing the border and stopping illegal immigration. at the same time welcome and celebrate legal immigrants. >> they are looking to the party like cruz or rubio in florida to champion can cause and win over the valuable part of the electorate. bret? >> bret: casey stegall in dallas. do you think republicans can win the hispanic vote? let me know on twitter. the supreme court says the government is on the hook for damage it causes to land it does not own. shannon bream has more on a big decision. good evening. >> under the fifthfield the u.s. constitution the federal government can't take your property without providing just com
ramirez, a new title? we'll talk with michael about, that "fortune" magazine columnist nina easton. let's start with, i don't know if you saw my discussion with dr. saltz but we're talking about mental illness, in this country as if we're in the middle ages, am i wrong? >> yes, you have to go back really i think the aclu on this question, and big proem in my mind and a lot of people's mine you cannot commit an adult even if you are a frightened mother, you cannot commit an adult even if that person is threatening until they actually committed a crime or done something violent. that say problem -- that is a problem. there are a lot of people in this country that need serious attention before violence strikes. lou: 20% of us needing health at some point, in the course of a year. >> his this in my family for a number of generations, of course, this fellow was mtally ill. it is clear, and clear that unless we get treatment for mental health we'll have more tragedies. lou: michael, response of our policymakers in washington, is to talk about gun control, not public school safety or security
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